How Quitting Social Media Affected My Life & Business - Two Months In...


During one of my classes a couple of weeks ago one of the participants asked me how it's going with my leaving social media. 

I thought you might like to know, too. 

Here's my summary of life after leaving Facebook & Instagram:

How Quitting Social Media Affected Family & Friends:

I do feel like I'm missing out on seeing photos of family and friends and that sucks... I don't like that. It's the one major con of my leaving. 

I will add I DID feel quite disconnected at first but I've since put focus on local connections and have been having one heck of a summer so far! Friends, family, fun and lots of activity. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Mental Health:

I was getting a lot of anxiety from the mindless scroll, the negative comments, the fear of judgement on my opinions, etc. I'm glad to leave that out of my life and I think it's better for it. 

And of course I also played the comparison game on social, how do you not? I would see people looking pretty or having a clean house or on a beautiful vacation and wish I had those things. Can't do that mess if I'm not on there. :) 

How Quitting Social Media Affected News:

I guess I was getting all of my news from Facebook because I don't watch news on TV (we don't even have cable) and I don't look up news. I don't think not hearing news has affected my life in any significant way. I hear about the big things from family and friends. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Time:

I would spend a ridiculous amount of time on Facebook & Instagram. It was almost all wasted time. I have won that time back. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Productivity:

I've still got a phone addiction that I'm working on but while on my phone after quitting social media I would go to my email and clear out my inbox, answer emails, respond, etc. That makes me more productive doing that alone. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Morals:

I make a stand against things I don't want to support by not supporting them. This is why I'm vegan. So if I were to continue to use Facebook (the main culprit as I see it) and also Instagram, I'd be going against my own morals to not support something I think is pretty detrimental to society. This is NOT a judgement on anyone else. I just feel good standing up for what feels right to me. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Society Norms:

There's this interesting thing about bucking a social norm. I did it when I became an entrepreneur, again when I became vegan and now with leaving social. People seem so surprised and sometimes their response makes me question my decision. For the most part, though, I feel just fine not doing something even if most other people are doing it. 

How Quitting Social Media Affected Business:

Here's the thing. I maybe have only made $1,000 on social media out of over $1,000,000 in sales online. The bulk of that social income was made when I purchased a site with a Facebook group of 10,000 people that I played around with promoting for a bit. 

So when I decided to cut out social I was NOT cutting out an income stream. That made it a pretty easy business decision. It hasn't affected my business in any negative way that I can tell. 

How do I make money? You know it - Email Marketing. 

My main method of list-building has been participating in collaboration events - mainly bundle sales & some giveaways (same thing but free). My training on that is right here

Quitting Social Media Conculsion:

I don't regret leaving social media AT ALL. I think it might be one of the smartest decision I've made in many years. 

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Angela Wills

Thanks sooo much for sharing your experience with quitting, too, Kelly. It's great to hear you weren't negatively affected business-wise. I think that's the concern of many people right now when thinking they'd like to leave. I started going to LinkedIn a bit more but it's not creating any addictive type habits for me and I'm not posting much of anything at all. I had the same frustrations as you re: Facebook. And I've found I've been having much better conversations and connections now that I'm off there, too. I think it's been almost five months now.
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