Minimalistic Blogging

This is my third blog post in a row about blogging.

I had a message for bloggers who fill their blogs with ads here.

Then I talked about how this blog is mostly unedited here.

Today I want to talk about how FREEING it is to just blog.

I'm mostly quit social media.

I have one site that I'm in the process of finding a buyer for that has thousands of followers on social media so as much as I'd like to right now I don't feel good about dropping or deleting accoun…

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This blog is mostly unedited.

I always thought of a blog to be an online journal.

A stream of thoughts and ideas... sometimes with a point and sometimes not.

A place to practice being a writer.

That's what a blog meant to me.

These days blogs are used in many other ways.

My least favorite way is a blog full of ads.
Then there's the content articles published in blog format.

I've halted my blogging more than a couple of times because I thought I had to do better, be better. Be more …

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