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10 Steps to Take to Create Your Online Business

Here are the things you need to do to turn what you know into a business:

1. Clearly define who you want to serve. You have to move people into action with your content and offers and you can't do that if you are speaking generally. Your message will be clear and motivating IF you know who you're talking to. 

2. Determine how you will make money. It's important to understand the different ways you can make money online and then make a clear decision on how you will do that. 

3. Determine what you…

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How to Live the Laptop Lifestyle (Checklist)

We're on Christmas school break over here but I'm trying to get some emails out and written in the mornings. I love having my girly and my almost adult-son home but I am also missing my routine time!

Below is a photo of my daughter Ella and I testing out my new green screen and lighting LOL. She is determined to be a YouTube star and was trying to get me to film her an upload right away. 

I hope you're enjoying your holiday time if you have it right now. 

Do you RE…

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