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Two Things You Need for a Sustainable Business

Since my son Hayden was born in 2002 I have been selling things online.

At the beginning of 2020 I joked that I was isolating LONG BEFORE it was cool.

It's not so funny anymore because isolating gets old but working from home, for me, NEVER got old.

I've been teaching others how to sell online or helping them do it through services since 2005! I LOVE showing people how to use the internet to build a lifestyle that they can control.

I have TONS of experience in so many things.

In the ser…

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Systems & Processes & Freedom & Stubbornness

I love this photo of me from a business photoshoot in 2019.

I'm kind of iffy about photoshoots because I DO want great photos to use for my business but I don't want anything that looks or feels fake.

This photo is so real, though. We were moving from one spot to another and my photographer just snapped this one as I walked.

It represents so much of what I'm about and love... 

the cup carries a comfort drink and really to me that represents the comfort of ha…

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How to Start, Grow and Market a Membership Site

What Will You Learn in Membership Impact

Here's how it works :

Training - You'll learn important steps and psychological information to help you run a successful membership site.

Action - You'll get easy to follow steps and regular action to take on a timeline you determine.

Accountability - I invite you to contact me in two ways to keep fully accountable to create results for yourself.

No I don't train you on a surviving software but, even be…

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What Do You Want Your Life to Look Like?

I’ve gotten a few messages from friends in the last few days asking me “What did you decide about sending Ella back to school?”

So many people are wondering what to do right now for September. It’s certainly a topic on many a person’s mind, even if you have school kids or not. 

I’ve decided: My daughter will go to school. 

Of course things can change on a dime in 2020 so I’m open to making a totally different decision if need be but I do feel confident this is …

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Raising a Business While Raising a Family

Note: I wrote this post when my girly was three years old. She's six now, in Kindergarten, and keeping me as busy as ever. I actually don't have more time to work now than I did when she was in daycare three days a week for 8+ hours a day because the school days are only 6 hours and I get to school 30 mins early to get a parking spot.

Years ago I was a speaker for a group of entrepreneurs and I found myself saying “I have a toddler” a lot, like I was excusing myself for doing stuff a ce…

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Why Hiring a Business Coach is Smart Business

I started my first business in 2002, shortly after my son was born.

In the first couple of years I leaned heavily on the advice from mom and work at home mom forums which were very popular places for moms at the time (before Facebook ever existed ).

I quickly learned that it was HARD to find good advice for free.

You never knew who you could really trust.
You never knew who was really making money.
You never knew if their advice was anywhere near useful or accurate.


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