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Should You Start a Membership Site?

Hey there! This email is long and detailed. If you want the short version here it is:

I highly recommend starting a membership so that you do NOT start from $0 each and every month. If you buy nothing from this email get this - a membership can be EASY to start and you don't need a lot of tech or content to start. 

If you want HELP you can buy membership content here (a lot of it for a great investment), you can learn about how to start a membership site here, you can learn how t…

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Email Marketing is a Practice

Email marketing is a practice. 

It creates a lifestyle that many dream of. 

It allows you to not be tied to your computer. 

It lets you live life on your terms. 

In 2014 when Ella was born I made $42k. Doesn't sound like amazing money but I know for a FACT the first few months I worked HOURS a month. I'd be lucky if I worked 3 hours a week in the first few months. I paid about $500 for two VAs to help me and a few hundred dollars a month for my expenses. 

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How to NOT Become an Influencer ;)

I don't want to be "influenced".

I've subscribed to quite a few email marketers talking about how to make sales via email.

Often it's about how to INFLUENCE people.

Do you want to be influenced?
I don't.

I have huge HUGE resistance to being told what to do.

I get it, the word "influence" as in get people to do what they WANT to do by convincing them they want to do it… influencing them to believing it's their choice.

Influence, Dictionary version:
"the c…

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Business Model: How to Sell a Workshop a Month

Hey... I just meant to record a short video showing you how I use Coach Glue content but I ended up recording a pretty thorough explanation of how I make money selling workshops & downloads. 

How to Sell a Workshop a Month & Build a Recurring Income Business:

It's only 22 minutes long but I think it's so useful you'll want to watch it twice. Maybe put it on double-time the first time so it takes 11 mins, then watch again a…

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Building a Sustainable Business - Passive Recurring Income Examples

You may know that in February of this year I purposely closed up my membership site and cancelled tens of thousands of dollars of recurring income. It was a BIG deal. That was a BIG leap of faith. 

My family relies on me to help pay the bills so I needed that income but I had huge trust in my abilities to move the dial and recreate that income. Recreate it I did or in large part. 

HOWEVER I've spent the last seven months in a mode of constant SCRAMBLE to earn an income. Every month start…

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Are you playing to your skills?

Hey there! Do you feel like you're in limbo right now waiting for 2020 to end? 

It's a weird little week, the one between Christmas and New Years. Some of us are buckling down to get a jump on the new year and some are taking a very well deserved rest.

Today I wanted to talk with you about how LOST I got for the last seven years. 

This just occurred to me this week and it was some sort of freaking epiphany. 

Here's what happened:

I had my daughter Ella in 201…

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How to Sell Anything

People think running a business, especially online, is complicated.

It's not.

We're seeing so many local businesses close their doors and it's so tragic and heartbreaking that it's happening on a large scale.

Changes over time often result in business owners having to change and shift. That part is not new.

Entrepreneurs know that people ALWAYS need and and want things and they are willing to exchange money for that, even in times like these.

The only option …

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Types of Income for Lifestyle Business Owners

A lifestyle business is a business where you put life FIRST.

You truly own each and every day.

It's a different kind of business than the tradition sense because freedom precedes all other goals and priorities.

In order to make this lifestyle happen you MUST be aware of the kind of business you are creating and then PURPOSEFULLY do what delivers you maximum impact AND time freedom.

Here are the categories I've decided are most important for me:

When I…

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Giveaway of My New Program: Membership Impact

I started running membership sites back in 2010 for a very specific reason and that was to LEVEL out my income.

When I was launching my WordPress courses, that were going GREAT, my income was like a roller coaster ride that I did not like being on.

I made the decision to start a membership so I could have a base of income each and every month that supported my essential bills. This would alleviate the stress of having to hustle just to pay the bills and allow me to do my work abo…

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How to Always Know What to Sell

How do you decide what to sell in business?

I get this question often.

The answer to how I decide what to sell is simple.

I sell what I'm excited to sell and what I think will help someone.

Example 1. Memberships

I've been running membership sites since 2010. It stabilizes my income. It allows me to know I'll have constant recurring income. I know I can teach this to others. I know it can be useful and powerful. I also have asked members of my own membership …

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